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Lentil Soup by Kee Yew

诚兴将和生机饮食达人黄其铫先生携手举办《有机生命力》素食料理工作坊! 学习芽苗料理 / 掌握催芽技术 / 4+1简易轻食 催过芽的豆类含相当广泛且容易被人体吸收的优质营养,如:蛋白质、脂肪、纤维、维生素、矿物盐和糖份。催芽以后,一经水解作用,豆类中对人体不利的酸性毒素也会自然地被化解。如何催芽?饮食如何配伍?参加诚兴有机食品的《有机生命力素食料理工作坊》,你可以学习正确制作生机饮食的诀窍,轻松掌握轻食主义,让自己和家人更健康!   Rejuvelac 精力回春水 Sprouted Tofu Mayonnaise with Sprouts Salad 催芽豆腐拌嫩芽沙拉 Sprouted Chickpea Balls 催芽鹰嘴豆小丸子 Sprouted Brown Rice Pulao 催芽香糙手抓饭 Activated Nut Cake 活力坚果小点   2016年4月9日(星期六) 下午2点至4点30分 每人 $120(名额有限) [email protected]: 巴西班让蔬菜批发中心14座1楼25号 《生机饮食达人》黄其铫先生毕业于澳洲弗林德斯大学的生物科技系,后从事生物医学研究十年;曾任职于新加坡国立大学国立癌症中心及基因组研究院研究助理,钻研干细胞,由此他特别关注预防医学保健。其铫在创办《素食学院》任首席讲师,开办健康素食烹饪班、通过讲座、媒体访问等积极推广生机饮食保健意识。 在新加坡和新山的朋友来多多支持哦~        

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WWF Earth Day 2016


What we can do to Change Climate Change? Save electricity, treasure water resource, support sustainable farming, no chemical fertilizer & pesticide, live with the practices of Green & LOHAS…. Above are the effort Zenxin make for the Earth. We have only one Mother Earth. Let’CHANGE CLIMATE CHANGE together. No matter where you are, check out more and join the WWF Earth event online, 19 March 2016, 8:30pm to 9:30pm (local time)

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Zenxin in Tripzilla Magazine (17 Feb 2016)


We are so happy to be featured as one of the “8 Hidden Gem Destinations in Johor That Are Worth Discovering” by this article recently published in TripZilla Magazine. Massive thanks to TripZilla and author Darren Yeoh for the lovely feature! (Adapted from TripZilla Magazine is the flagship publication of TripZilla, Southeast Asia’s Leading Travel Media Company that attracts over 1.3 million visits every month. The magazine curates and aggregates useful, value-adding travel […]

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ZENXIN in Travellution Magezine Feb 2016 Issue 36

mulberry farm

Zenxin Organic Park was proud to be featured in the latest issue (Issue 36) of Travellution Magazine, the first Chinese ravel magazine in Singapore! Big thanks to Travellution and the author Ms Liu Kai Xin, we very much appreciate the lovely feature! Travellution is available in both hard and soft copy, hard copies can be found in newsstands and bookstores across Singapore, while the soft copies are available for download purchase on […]

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Zenxin Wishes You a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Zenxin wishes all their customers a happy, healthy lunar new year 2016! This lunar new year is symbolized by the fire monkey. Traditional associations are naturally with Sun Wu Kong of journey to the West fame. The monkey king’s indomitable spirit results in much fun as he does not hesitate to test the boundaries and use his intelligence to solve problems in most original ways. Fire over metal suggests it’s time to take care of […]

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8 Great Health Tips This Lunar New Year 诚兴伴您健康过好年