About Zenxin

Zenxin Agri-Organic Food (Zenxin) is Malaysia’s leading producer, distributor and retailer of organic produce. Since 2001, Zenxin has been a trusted source for organically-grown vegetables and fruits. We offer the widest and most complete produce for the Malaysian and Singaporean market with over 60 varieties. Our tropical crops are grown in Malaysia and Thailand while seasonal temperate crops are sourced alternatively from the northern & southern hemispheres.

Founder of Zenxin Organic Food, Mr. Tai Kok Kong

  • We are 10-Year-Old!

    We are 10-Year-Old!

                          To all the friends and families of Zenxin Organic Food, We are proud to share with you that we are ten-year-old now! On 8/12/2012, we will have our celebrations of our 10th anniversary in Zenxin Organic Park and we are proud to have Malaysia Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Dato’ Chua Tee Yong to officiate the ceremony. We appreciate […]

  • The Premier Name in Organic Produce

    The Premier Name in Organic Produce

    All produce grown and marketed by Zenxin carry the company’s signature offerings – fresh, naturally tasty and organically grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Sustainable farming techniques that are not harmful to the environment are key to our business principles. Zenxin’s entire production chain was designed to meet international organic guidelines  – every process from producing our own organic fertilizers and packaging to retailing are carefully controlled and monitored. Since 2008, the […]

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Commit to produce organically-grown products of the highest quality by disallowing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Aiming to achieve a high level of consumers satisfaction towards organic food. 致力与生产高品质的有机栽种产品销售于顾客,为员工提供良好的工作环境,为投资者建立良好的企业 Build an organic company producing quality organic food to consumers, provide better working environment to company members and make a sustainable organic business for investors. 制度及透明化的生产过程,有效率地把诚兴产品送达顾客手上,确保大家购得新鲜纯正的有机栽种产品 Promote foods unadulterated by chemical fertilizer, pesticides, artificial additives and preservatives, make our earth and […]

  • Certified Organic Operations

    Certified Organic Operations

     Certified 100% Organic   Sustainable Farming   Natural & Healthy Organic Certification Since 2008, Zenxin farms have been certified and continue to be audited annually to befit the organic certification from the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA). This means that Zenxin’s entire production chain, including compost factory, organic farms and packing centres strictly comply to the Australian Organic Standards, and are certified by NASAA, which is accredited with International Organic Standard (IFOAM). […]

  • Organic Park

    Organic Park

    The largest and the first open-to-public organic farm in Malaysia, Zenxin Organic Park offers visitors valuable insights into the techniques and virtues of organic farming, combining education and recreational fun in the process.