[RECIPE] Organic Kale Chips

It was almost four years ago when Zenxin imported organic kale into Singapore markets. Today, organic kale is one of the most sought after vegetables among the foodies in Singapore.

Apart from juicing, salads, soups and stews, one of the favourite ways to eat our organic kale is as dehydrated kale chips. The coating is a fabulous mix of cashew nuts and organic spices and packed full with other healthy taste notes. Try our recipe below!


Zenxin Organic Kale Chips

Zenxin Organic Kale Chips

To make organic kale chips, you need the following ingredients:

  • 4 pkts Zenxin Organic curly kale
  • 1 pkt soaked ‘Simply Natural’ raw cashew nuts
  • 8 ‘Bioitalia’ organic dried tomatoes + 2 tbsp of their organic olive oil
  • 3 cloves Zenxin Organic raw garlic
  • 1 (50g) pkt Zenxin Organic Thai basil (leaves only)
  • 3-4 tsp ‘Simply Natural’ organic Thai seasoning
  • 3 tsp ‘Radiant Code’ nutritional yeast
  • 1 pinch ‘Simply Natural’ French sea salt
  • Juice of 1-2 Zenxin Organic lemons
  • 250ml filtered water


  • Soak the cashews for 2 hours ahead of time; drain off the soaking water before use. Add all the ingredients into the Blendtec and blend with a little filtered water to mix to a coating consistency, this should be between stiff and fluid. Adjust to taste.
  • Wash and spin dry the kale, remove the ribs and tear into bite size pieces and place in a large bowl. Pour the coating onto the torn kale leaves, massage so the leaves are evenly coated.
  • Place on the dehydrator trays and dry at 48° C overnight or until the leaves are crispy.

This wonderful organic kale chips recipe is by Zenxin Organic Product Manager, Ceridwen Wolf.

Well-Being Secrets is an excellent source to discover more about how to stay healthy. They have written an extensive article on kale, giving science-backed information about how and why kale is so unique and healthful, as well as useful purchasing, storage and cooking tips.

Email to [email protected] if you have any enquiry about organic kale!

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This article was previously published on 12 Apr 2015.


ZENXIN Penang Outlet Grand Opening

Zenxin started 2016 with a bang!

10th January 2016 sees the Grand Opening of our new store in Tanjong Tokong, Penang. To celebrate the auspicious occasion, we held a 3-day Grand Opening sales from the 8th to 10th. Incredible deals, free food sampling and free gifts were offered to all customers, along with free membership sign up.

The event gained much traction and we were visited by many loyal customers, friends, and made new connections. The founder of Zenxin, Mr Tai Kok Kong, along with our Executive Director Mr Tai Sen Yee came and joined in for the fun, accompanied by their lovely families.

Since the more the merrier, we invited suppliers of different products to come and give out free food samples. The friendly suppliers also lent a helping hand to our staff when things got busy in the store.

On the day of the Grand Opening, we served up a delicious, all vegan meal for everyone. The food was prepared by the talented chefs at Sushi Kitchen and Lily’s Vegetarian Restaurant, using Zenxin’s own organic vegetables and Red Rice Vermicelli from our Simply Natural range. The thought behind this delightful meal was to showcase the versatility and endless possibilities of cooking with organic ingredients, and to let everyone taste the goodness of organic food. Most importantly, we wanted to raise awareness for a healthier diet, by showing them first-hand that healthy food can taste amazing too!

We had a simple ribbon cutting ceremony at 11.30am on the 10th to inaugurate the official opening of our Zenxin Penang Outlet, with the Tai family doing the honours.

The day ended on a happy note, and everyone left with a big smiles. Zenxin wishes to extend our sincere thanks to Juice Me, MHP Miracle Sdn. Bhd., Vanxin Engineering Sdn. Bhd., Kean Leong Poultry Trading Sdn. Bhd., IR Renovation, Kushalinii Bean House, Mr Chai Yong Kang, and Safe Factor Sdn. Bhd. for the beautiful flower bouquets, and Sushi Kitchen (Georgetown Branch) for the yummy sushi. Hope to see you in our stores soon!


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Join us at Halloween @ Zenxin Singapore!

Hello Zenxin families!

Bring your children and your inner child and join us again for our traditional Halloween party.

We will run two sessions, one on Saturday 24th Oct and Sunday 25th Oct. Both will run from 10:00am – 12:00pm in the Wholesale Centre at Zenxin Shop

Come dressed in your best costume and take a photo with our spooky friends, Draco Shadow of Darkness, Clementine the Witch’s Cat and Garret the Gentle Ghost. Prize for the most original costume!

Join our director Mr. Tai as he carefully carves the pumpkin lanterns. Expect surprises!

Simply register at the google form below and we will contact you shortly. See you soon!!–ZawoUig746_k3zY2TbNv-K0A/viewform

Speaking about Zenxin’s Experience in Organic Certification Process, SDF Singapore

We are so glad to share with you that Zenxin was be invited to speak about the experience of Zenxin in NASAA Organic certification on 14th May. The workshop was organised by Singapore Manufacturing Federation and the turn out was very well.

We hope to clear more myth about the standard of organic food among the consumers. We also hope to see if there will be more producers and processors turning into organic food production. Do let us know if you want to find out more by emailing to [email protected]





























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Social Responsibility: Zenxin supports Age-Under-17 basketball games in Kluang





Zenxin Organic Food

Our Managing Director, Mr.Tai Kok Kong was in the opening ceremony of the local basketball game in Kluang, Johor, Malaysia


It has been 9 consecutive years that Zenxin Organic Food supports the local basketball games in the town, Kluang, where it is origin.

We believe that organising the healthy activities such as basketball tournament for the young generations benefits the whole community. There are an overwhelming 31 teams of under-17 teens join the tournament, which certainly bring positive social impact to the town.


诚兴绿色有机公园在寻花探草 Zenxin Organic Park in Garden of Treasure Sr.2

Thanks to Astro for making the program about the Herbs Garden in Zenxin Organic Park! Thanks to our colleague Peiqi’s effort as well.

Together we build Zenxin Organic Park to be the best eco destination in Malaysia!